A Cancer Plan Testimonial

A Cancer Plan Testimonial

Cancer policies are only good if you start buying them before you get cancer. The following is a testimonial form an Aflac policyholder:

To whom it may concern,
In August 2014, my employer gave us the opportunity to apply for Aflac insurance. At that time, I figured $10.00 a week for the Aflac cancer insurance policy, I wouldn’t miss, and I didn’t. In November 2014, I was diagnosed with A.M.L., a form of cancer (leukemia). Within 24 hours, I was in an ambulance transferring me to Spectrum, Grand Rapids for 30 days of chemotherapy treatment.

Kathy Arney (my Aflac insurance agent) was on it immediately. I had a problem with some paperwork from Spectrum and Kathy stayed on them until they got it right. A short time later, Aflac issued me a benefit check. Because of this help, I was able to pay all my past bills, and several paid up until June, when my SSI starts.

I would like to say THANK YOU to Kathy Arney for an awesome job, and THANK YOU to Aflac for beingthere. It’s been so much easier with you here to help.

Michel L. Griswold
Aflac herein means American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus
Valid through March 10, 2016